Physics Tutoring From Los Altos High School’s AP Physics Teacher

Congratulations AP Physics Test Takers.
If you would like to get started learning a little physics to prepare for the Fall semester 2016, give me a call and we can schedule a few sessions over the Summer.

Contact Information:
Cell # 408-230-9851

Adam Randall,  has been teaching physics at at Los Altos High School for  over 18 years. He will come to your home, meet locally within Santa Clara County or connect via video conference to help prepare students for success.

Students looking to improve their conceptual understanding and problem solving skills in  physics can benefit from  Mr. Randall’s clear conceptual descriptions, rigorous mathematical solutions and techniques for simply getting the problem right!

Students looking to prepare for success on the College Board’s AP Physics 1 ,  AP Physics C – Mechanics or the AP Physics C – Electricity & Magnetism exams can benefit as well. Mr. Randall’s systematic attention to conceptual details and mathematically rigorous solution methods are aligned with the College Board’s Free Response Question’s (FRQ’s) scoring rubrics from 1976 to 2015.

Mr.  Randall’s  student’s record of success on the College Board’s AP Physics Test is evidence of their dedication to excellence and his successful teaching methods.

Mr. Randall’s  AP Physics C  Student’s AP Testing Statistics:
Number of  AP  Physics C Tests Taken Since 2007:  319
46 % of  students scored 5
30 % of students scored  4
12 % of students scored  3
88 % of students have scored  3 or Greater.

Tutorial Sessions are offered in one or  two hour blocks. FaceTime video conferencing, Google Hangout or in person.  Weekday afternoon sessions between 4:30PM & 7:30PM are available.  Weekend tutorial session are available as well.

Call Mr. Randall at 408-230-9851 to discuss a tutorial session.

One on One : Student meets individually with Mr. Randall for direct, focused  instruction or review.
Session cost: $110 / hour  or $160 / 90 mins

Group of Two : Students meet with Mr. Randall in  small groups of two for direct, focused  instruction or review. Perfect for friends taking an AP Physics class together and want to develop a cooperative, competitive advantage.
Session cost: $180 / hour per group      

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  1. No problem Rae. Next time I’ll bring four FRQ’s, two from mechanics and two from electricity & magnetism. The more you practice the faster you will be. Three FRQ’s in forty five minutes is a challenge that can be met.

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AP Physics tutoring from an AP Physics teacher